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Greenpeace India favors sustainable development

With your help, we are fighting to save our forests and the livelihood of thousands of forest dependent communities from coal mining, while promoting sustainable renewable energy alternatives like solar and wind. This, according to the Intelligence Bureau, is anti-development.

Fighting for our rights, or trying to protect the environment is not a crime. We want India to grow without endangering, displacing and destroying millions of lives for the benefit of a few. Our development needs to safeguard resources for our future.

Right now, the forests of Mahan face destruction from coal mining. Over a million people support the forests and not the coal our government is concerned about.

Why depend solely on coal when there are clean energy sources like solar and wind? Remote villages in Bihar are using solar power to light up their homes. India can do so too. That's what we call development. Development where there's electricity for all.

Show that you want development in India to be clean and not at the cost of forests like Mahan. Join Junglistan now.


The pressure is on and Essar is getting closer to destroying forests in Mahan. Endangered wildlife, over 5 lakh trees, 50,000 people- they all need you now!

Sign up to Junglistan to join over a million in saving India’s forests.

Join Junglistan. Be Mahan. Get Essar out!


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