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The Fight to Save Mahan is Heating Up.

The new Gram Sabha in Mahan is yet to be announced. However, the process is on hold since the Supreme Court passed a judgement that declared all coal blocks allotted since 1993 as illegal and arbitrary.

While the SC has to decide whether Mahan will be de-allocated or whether mining will begin as planned, the fight to save Mahan is only getting stronger.

Junglistan has been constantly highlighting multiple forest rights violations and threats and intimidation taking place in Mahan. Since 2012, the issue of rampant corruption and irregularities in the coal sector has also been raised. They also urged the then-PM to save India’s forests from coal mining.

As one of India’s oldest sal forests, Mahan is very valuable. Home to endangered wildlife and with over 5 lakh trees, the forests are a source of livelihood to over 50,000 people from various villages. Besides, with Mahan facing destruction, it won't be too long before forests in the region are destroyed for coal.

Help save the forests of Mahan. And in turn help save India’s forests from dirty and destructive coal.

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The pressure is on and Essar is getting closer to destroying forests in Mahan. Endangered wildlife, over 5 lakh trees, 50,000 people- they all need you now!

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