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India’s forests need YOU!

Mahan stands tall for NOW.  But it’s not over yet!

Something strange is happening. As we celebrate the diversity of Mahan forests, a whole set of environmental laws and acts are being reviewed.

The future of India’s environment looks bleak. Several bodies and institutions protecting our environmental laws are under direct threat.

There have been talks of diluting the scope of National Green Tribunal (this tribunal put a stay order against felling of Mahan forest trees) The NGT was set up as the first appeal court in case of environmental disputes. Clipping its wings would be a HUGE blow to the ecology of India.

Additionally, dilution of the Forest Rights Act (FRA) is on the table. These rights are recognised by our constitution and diluting them would be detrimental to India’s democratic system. FRA recognises forest dwellers' rights and makes conservation more accountable.

Why is it important?

These laws have been set up to protect the environment and forest communities. Altering them could mean easing out environmental regulations for future clearances.

JOIN JUNGLISTAN to protect India’s environment. Our forests needs YOU more than ever!


Imagine an India with no forests and wildlife. An India where our forest communities lose their rights to their home.

You can help stop this from becoming India’s horrifying reality!

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